Volunteer Work for Greens Mill at Sneinton

Tree-Feller.co.uk recently donated his professional time and expertise to a good cause, Greens Mill in his local Sneinton area in Nottingham, on 10th April 2014.

Greens Mill Laurel - before

Greens Mill Laurel – before

Greens Mill is a real life working windmill, one of only a handful left in the country, that uses wind power to grind biodynamic organic wheat into flour that is sold to make delicious bread, cakes and other food. It is run and managed by a local volunteer group: The Friends of Greens Mill.

Visitors to the Mill can go inside and see the fascinating workings including massive wooden cogs and gears inside, and the sails outside, of a real old fashioned windmill, visitors also can view the science centre for kids and curious adults that draws on the fame of the original miller who discovered an important electromagnetism theory: George Green, and a browse the shop selling their excellent flour as well as souvenirs. Check the Friends of Greens Mill website out at: http://www.greensmill.org.uk/

To go back to the tree work, a large laurel tree had taken over part of a disused allotment area at the back of the Mill. The Friends of Greens Mill have great ambitions for this area, to convert it to a garden that will be a place where mill visitors can relax and enjoy the tranquillity of a green space.  The Friends and their volunteers will grow sample plots of cereals such as wheat, oats and spelt so that visitors will be able to see the crops that eventually go to the Mill to be turned into flour.  Wildlife will also be encouraged in this inner city area.


Greens Mill Laurel - during

Greens Mill Laurel – during

Greens Mill Laurel - after

Greens Mill Laurel – after

Tree-Feller.co.uk greatly reduced the laurel tree by means of a crown raise to greatly increase space and light in the garden area, reduce pressure on the back wall of the Science Centre, and clear around the reception aerials for the radio club. The Tree Feller was ably assisted by some local Friends volunteers, and we had a fine day for the work.


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